Synapse HFT Weekly Market Updates (25/01/15) – Gold & Silver the Next Big Thing?

For this week, we will be looking at an overview of the weekly performance of the global markets (equities, forex, Gold, ETFs, etc), followed by some detailed analysis and trading tips in the stock and forex markets. Click below to unlock for free! 😀

In addition, I will also be sharing insights from a few other speakers, such as John Bollinger and Daryl Guppy, whom I met over the weekend at a seminar.

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Global Markets Overview 25/01/15

Global Markets Overview 25/01/15


As you can see from the one week performance comparison created by the Synapse HFT Stock Scanner, equity indices were mainly bullish for the week. Volatility has gone back down after the surge last week, as indicated by the 25.6% decrease in the VIX (volatility index) over last week.

European markets (related to the Eurodollar) continued strong gains from last week, with the DAX (Germany), Euro STOXX, CAC (France) all gaining between 4.7-6.0% for the week.

Gold also continued its strong climb, gaining another 3.0% for the week, reversing its long-term downtrend, and now has a net gain of 1.8% over the past 1 year (refer to the 1 year column in the scan above).

Asian markets also had decent gains for the week, and the SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) had a slight 0.7% correction this week, but still maintains the gain leader with 12.8% gains over the past 1 month.

The US dollar continued to strengthen, gaining 2.3% for the week, and has so far gained 10.2% over the past 3 months. The Dow and S&P 500 had slight gains this week, however they are still down based on the past 1 month returns. Since there is no obvious sign of any reversal downwards, this is likely to be just another correction, albeit a slightly longer one.


2015-01-24 10.50.11

John Bollinger, Creator of the Bollinger Bands


Last Saturday, I attended a seminar by John Bollinger, Daryl Guppy, and some other speakers, and here are some of the points mentioned:

  • Buy Gold, especially against currencies that are weakening, eg. Long XAU/EUR.
    • This is agree with, as I am already long on Gold, and I have about 5-10% of my portfolio in Gold.
  • EUR/USD is expected to continue falling to 1.08.
    • I will continue holding my short positions, and perhaps pyramid along the way instead of scaling out to maximise profits.
  • Crude oil will continue to fall to below $40 (~$35), stay there for 3-4 months, before heading back to $70. Due to the higher production cost of shale oil, many mining companies in the US might go bust and put a squeeze on the supply side.
    • I am already vested in oil, in the form of my ETFs and holdings in Keppel Corp. If oil continues to drop, I am ready to buy more as I am confident of the eventual recovery of oil as well.
  • Potential strong run on the Shanghai index. Asian markets like China, India and Indonesia have lots of potential to run up.
  • Fed remains dovish, but will not stop the dollar from getting stronger this year. As a result, USD/JPY will likely continue heading up, with the next resistance at 125.50 and 130.00
    • I have been keeping an eye for a chance to go long, as it has been pretty bouncy and I got stopped out the last time I tried to go long earlier this year
  • US equity markets will continue to go up, with the S&P 500 reaching a target of 2300
  • Silver to start a strong run and head to 23, then 30
    • I will start keeping an eye on this 😀





Good luck! And happy trading! $$$ 😀

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