Stocks, Forex, Commodities | Weekly Market Updates (30/11/14)

Synapse HFT Stock Scanner - Global Indices Weekly Performance 301114

Synapse HFT Stock Scanner – Global Indices Weekly Performance

As you can see from the one week performance comparison, equity indices were mostly bullish, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange gaining an amazing 7.9% for the week. Commodities have taken a beating, with the CRB ETF dropping 4.4% for the week.

As the year draws to a close, we can start observing the 1-year performance to see which markets are the strongest and weakest for the year. The current top gainers are the BSE Sensex (India) at 37.4%, followed by the SSE (China) at 21.6%, and the NASDAQ (USA) at 18.5%.

Following up from last week, many of our top picks like Suntec REIT (long), DBS (long), Ezra (short), Ezion (short), Frasers Com Trust (long) have been spot-on!

Gold - Rising Wedge Pattern

Gold – Rising Wedge Pattern

This week, for the forex market, there are several central bank decisions. We start the week with the SNB vote on a gold-asset requirement (it will be bearish for Gold if it is rejected), and will end the week with the NFP (non-farm payroll) employment report.

Following up from last week, our top picks like AUD/USD (short), Gold (short), GBP/USD (long bounce), USD/JPY (long) have also been spot-on!

Let’s look at some of the trading opportunities for next week.

Hands-free Trading (HFT) opportunities for the week ahead:

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Good luck! And happy trading! $$$ 😀

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