HFT Forex Trades Update: NZD/USD & EUR/AUD

After my afternoon tennis game today, I was checking up on my hands-free forex trades, and I noticed that my NZD/USD HFT swing setup which I entered a few days back has retraced and hit my breakeven stop. During my last workshop, someone asked me about this and I told them that I took half profits when the price broke to a new high.

On hindsight, I might have considered taking full profits and going short instead since it had run into strong resistance.


HFT Forex Trading Strategies - EUR/AUD

HFT Forex Trading Strategies – EUR/AUD


For the EUR/AUD, I have taken half profits as well, after taking the HFT short setup a couple of days back. I will continue to trail my open profits of $1,700+ till price reaches the next support level. My stoploss is already past my entry point, so this is essentially a risk-free trade. 😀


HFT Forex Trading Strategies - EUR/AUD open profits

HFT Forex Trading Strategies – EUR/AUD open profits


HFT Forex Trading Strategies - NZD/USD

HFT Forex Trading Strategies – NZD/USD

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