SGX Singapore Stocks | Blumont & Asiasons – Shackles Removed

Just a quick update for the week ahead, since I am invited to give a talk at SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) tomorrow and I will be busy preparing. The topic is on behavioral analysis and “the true nature of people and markets”. There is going to be a big crowd, and it is a closed door event by the university.

The STI still maintains a bullish bias, I just posted my chart and key levels in the private forum. Come tomorrow, the designated security status is going to be lifted for these stocks, and I foresee another bounce in action.

After going long on Monday and taking profit on Friday (bought at 0.16 and exited at 0.20 after T+4 for 25% profit), I am prepared to see another bounce tomorrow, and I will be waiting for a good sign to get long.

5et 211013

a33 211013

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