Lunch Invitation – Robert Walters HR Media Event

Today, I attended a lunch invitation by Robert Walters, one of the biggest global HR firms, to attend their annual global salary survey launch. It was a great lunch and presentation, and I got the chance to meet other journalists and industry powerhouses, including representatives from the Business Times, Channel News Asia, the Straits Times, SPH, etc. Most likely, you will be reading about this in tomorrow’s papers. But here is a sneak preview of the latest job trends:

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SINGAPORE, February 20, 2013 – Robert Walters, one of the world’s leading specialist professional recruitment consultancies, launched its Annual Global Salary Survey today. Now in its 14th edition, the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey is the most comprehensive review of global recruitment trends and salary levels available. It provides an in-depth analysis of salaries earned around the world by both permanent and contract workers across a wide range of sectors. The Singapore section covers the following sectors: banking & financial services, accounting & finance, engineering, HR, IT, legal, sales & marketing, secretarial & support as well as technical healthcare.

For more comprehensive insights on the various job functions across different industries, a full copy of the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey can be downloaded from

We would also like to release the Robert Walters Asia Job Index Q4 2012. This quarterly publication tracks advertisement volumes for professional positions across leading job boards and national newspapers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea and Japan. For the detailed report, please click here:

Here are the key findings of the latest Robert Walters Asia Job Index Q4 2012:

  • The total number of job advertisements placed regionally in Q4 2012 increased by 2.1% compared to Q4 2011.
  • Low quarter-on-quarter growth in some Malaysian sectors led to a 12.5% drop in advertising figures for advertising and marketing roles.
  • The drop in consumer confidence in Hong Kong caused a 22% decrease in open positions within purchasing and merchandising.
  • Due to seasonality issues like annual bonus payouts, job advertising in Singapore fell by 35% in Q4 2012 compared to Q3.
  • With the growing Chinese property market, property management roles rose by 13.6% in China.
  • The increased demand for corporate governance in South Korea created a 14.8% rise in job advertisements for consultants and analysts.

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